The Decorative Tinting System presented by FM Paints is an up-to-date tinting technology designed to fit the needs of the building paint demands with only one range of Basic Colorants for both Water and Solvent base products. The system changes deeply the traditional way of selling paints.

The system consist of:
  • 12 Concentrated Basic Colorants.
  • 4 Bases per product.
The elements are just the necessary to offer a fast, efficient and flexible service:
  • Manual or Automatic Dispenser.
  • Electric Shaker
  • Formula Book or CD for PC Computer
  • BS Color Metering Charts (over 25,000 tints)
The Bases

The Products used by the FM Decorative Tinting System are called Bases and are more specially prepared for the system. They are rigorously checked and tested for a permanent and constant quality.
  • Emulsions (water-based products for walls, ceilings and facades, etc...

    1. Washable Rubber for Interior
    2. Acrylic Rubber for Exterior
    3. Patina
    4. Stucco Veneziano
    5. Plastic Roll for Interior
    6. Plastic Roll for Exterior

  • Enamels (solvent products for woodwork, metal and trim)

    1. Synthetic Enamel for Interior and Exterior
    2. Non Yellowing Synthetic Enamel
    3. Undercoat
    4. Antirust

and much more of Decorative Paints...

The Elements

The dispenser, a volumetric dosing system, is the essential element of the system without it no system can be made. Two types are available.
  • Manual Dispenser
    The manual dispensing machine allows obtaining the total range of colors with high dosing precision. It pours, colorant after colorant, manually and directly into the desired packing.
  • Automatic Dispenser
    The dispenser is fully automatic connected to a PC. It is easy to manage and have an accurate measuring process. Colors are obtained instantly by direct individual dispensing over the desired packing.
  • Electric Shaker/Mixer
    An electric gyroscopic shaker to mix and homogenize the base and the colorant.
Advantages of the System

The continous paint market evolution demands a wide range of products and colors to satisfy the needs of the consumers. Some of the advantages of the system:
  1. Allows the reproduction of any quality, any quantity and any color at any time.
  2. Relatively small investment to afford the building paint requirements
  3. Wide range of modern color choice in the more specialist finishes.
  4. Limited space of the shop means reduction of space cost.
  5. No lost in products. Bases and Colorants have good rotation.
  6. No quantities of non-solid colors remain in stock.
  7. Reduces the stock in hand products and the delivery time.
  8. No knowledge of tinting is required.
Advantages of the System

Out trained and experienced personnel will support you technically in any field offering assistance to start the system till the sale. They will provide you with a good after sale service to create your space in the market with great professionalism.

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