The Tinting Mixing System created by FM paints is an up to date tinting technology designed to fit the needs of the industrial paint demands.

The system offers a great service to the customer at a relatively small investment. In a limited space with a minimum in hand stock, any quality, any quantity and any color can be reproduced with fidelity to satisfy the end user's requests.

The Tinting Mixing System has a wide compatibility and covers many applications in various fields:
  • Industry in general
  • Wood Furniture
  • Busses Trucks and other Automotive
  • Machinery
  • Marine
  • Anticorrosion
  • Signing & Billboards
  • Decoration
The Tinting Mixing System is easy to use and is composed of:
  • Electric Mixing Cabinet with locker
  • Electronic High Precision Balance
  • PC Computer
  • Table-Stirrer for finished product

The various qualities of finished products offered by the system are those already known and appreciated by our customers. It permits to adopt various concrete solutions to face the actual demands of the industrial painting problems.

The Tools and Equipment are just the necessary to offer a good and flexible service to your customers. The color production capacity is indefinite.

The Tinting Mixing System will give you the necessary advantages to challenge the most difficult problems of the distribution market.


What is it?
It is a tinting system based essentially on two major segments:
  1. Concentrated Pigmented Pastes: 17 solid colors plus 3 metallic having a wide range of compatibility and enabling to produce over 3000 colors covering the most used in the international market of painting industry today.
  2. Converters: (over 50 different types) enabling to choose the required quality, according to a specific use, and is mixed with the pastes to obtain the desired finishes:
       > Nitro Cellulose
       > Nitro Synthetic
       > Polyurethane 2K
       > Acrylic 2K
       > Acrylic Thermoplastic
       > Polyester
       > Epoxy Enamel
       > Traffic Paints
       > Marine Paints
       > Synthetic Quick Drying
       > Synthetic Stoving Enamel 80º
       > Synthetic Stoving Enamel 120º
       > Synthetic Brush Paints
       > Chlorinated Rubber
       > Acid Catalyzed
    Included also a series of important and useful Primers and Putties to match the topcoat finish according to the desired color, in addition to Hardeners, Thinners and special Technical Additives.


The Tinting Mixing System will be your paint-manufacturing unit


The Elements of the System are: Concentrated Universal Pigmented Pastes, Converters, Hardeners, Thinners, Technical Additives and Complementary Auxiliaries:

The 17 bases are able to let you produce over 3000 colors. They are prepared from a special blend of resins technologically advanced having a wide range of compatibility.

To cover industrial automotive refinishing where Metallic colors are requested we can supply three metallic bases. Some Fluorescent pastes are available for special use.

The pigments are high quality types and have good chemical resistance, good hiding power and good Fastness to light, responding to various Standards.

The mixing ratio of pastes to converter varies from 15 to 40% according to the quality, to the color, to the end use and to the quality wanted.

We mean by Converter the Vehicle or Binder that is the main component of a paint to which it confers its own physical, chemical and protective properties. These converters comply with the many international Standards and legislation.

The Tinting Mixing System can produce any quality of paint if the necessary converter is available. We have over 50 types of converters that can cover various applications in the industrial painting fields. Included also a series of important and useful Primers and Putties to match the topcoat finish according to the desired color.

The range of Hardeners covers almost all sectors and in various qualities. This range goes from the Interior to Exterior types and from Normal to Non Yellowing types.

The mixing ratios are very important and our suggestions should be respected in order to obtain a good film carachteritics. A technical data sheet accompanies every product showing the characteristics, uses, and the correct mixing ratios.

From the wide range of Thinners we produce, we provide types that we believe can satisfy the end user working under any weather conditions.
A series of special Technical Additives are included in the system that permits to obtain special effects of the final film.
And finally we provide Complementary Auxiliaries which are products to transform a clear converter.

We simply have chosen the best and most useful tools and equipment that we consider the optimal ones available nowadays to increase the profitability of our customer with the lowest investment possible.


A metering system should have a widest possible range of colors. Thus our advanced system can offer over 3000 colors that can cover the most used on the international market of the painting industry.

RAL Color Chart

This RAL Color chart is provided with the system. All colors of this range are already formulated. We update frequently the chart that is considered the most used chart in Europe today.

Industrial Color Chart

We supply color formulations and color chart for commercial, industrial and transport Vehicles: Busses, Trucks, Agriculture machinery, Earth moving machine, Airlines and Gas Oil Companies, Advertising media and many of the European Public Services.

Fast Color metering service

Our Color-Lab is at your disposition. We can formulate on request any color within few hours. Fax the reference of the requested color, if it is available for you, or spray it on a piece of white carton paper and will do the rest for you. Color is our Business.

Technical Support

If your have a special request of a lacquer that is not included in our range programs or you don't know any thing about it, please don't hesitate to tell us about it. The research and development department will be able to find a solution. We are Paint makers.


With no doubts the Tinting Mixing System offers great advantages comparing to the traditional way of preparing and selling paints.

  1. Minimum space for the storing warehouses.
  2. Reduction of the stock-in-hand to the maximum.
  3. Fast and efficient services to the customers:
    -   Color metering. Instant disposability of any color in any quality.
    -   Large range of specific quality for the industry and the maintenance.
    -   Lots. Small lots can be produced without difficulties. Even 1 kg.
    -   The production process is flexible and easy to manage.
  4. No lost in products. Converters and Paste have good rotation, so no big quantity of colors is required, and no quantities of non-sold colors remain in stock.
  5. Thanks to the flexibility of the system, adaptation of the paint to any kind of application. 50 different converters are available.
  6. A large numbers of customers can be hold easily, specially for Industry and industrial carbody since the system can respond to any request of color, quantity and quality.

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